Buying a kids bike is super easy, right..?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration before letting the little ones rip around on their fresh new set of wheels: Wheel size, stand over height and should you size up? We will tell you everything you need to know.

Wheel size

The size of the wheel on your kid’s bike will determine how big or small the bike will be.

On adult bikes, where the size of the bike is determined by the frame, all kids bikes now use the wheel size.

This is a great guide to follow.

2′Balance Bike
2’5″12″ Wheel
2’10”16″ Wheel
3’3″20″ Wheel
4′24″ Wheel

As the size of the wheel gets bigger the frame does as well. Smaller bikes may have limited components too, no gears or kickstand for example.As you size up you may start to see gears and kickstands available.


Stand Over Height

Stand over height is how low the saddle sits underneath you when the saddle is at its lowest point, this can help determine which size would be best.

The inside measurement of your leg comes in handy for this too. A lot of kids bikes will have optimal inside leg measurement written on the frame of the bike.

If the stand over height is too high your feet will be off the floor when sat on the saddle when it is all the way down and vice versa.

Having the correct stand over height and inside leg measurement for a bike is vital as it can dramatically affect the ride of the bike. However, kids may have a growth spurt, so if your child is close to the top end of a certain size of bike you may wish to get a size larger so it lasts longer.

Buying your kids bike from South Downs Bikes

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If you’re local to us, you’ll have your bike hand-delivered to you! As well as this after 6 weeks you will receive your first free service. This will include a basic safety check of the entire bike, making sure all bolts are tight, tyre pressures are correct and cables that may need replacing.

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