Spring is on our doorstep so get your bike ready!

We’ll give you our best guide to get your bike ready for Spring and all that riding you’ll be doing.

Follow these steps and your bike will really love you.

Step 1 – The Overhaul

The winter months are the most demanding time of the year for your bike, especially over here in the UK. From suspension servicing to drivetrain cleaning, most likely it will all need to be seen too.

We suggest bringing your bike in to get assessed on what level of service it needs. We would always go for a premium service this time of year, if you get a full strip-down once a year it will keep your bike alive for a lot longer. This is always the best time of year to get this done as your bike will feel prime through the main months of riding and keep it going through winter, with a few smaller services in between if needed. This will save you a lot of hassle instead of something going wrong when you want to get out on your bike by the time Spring gets here.

In our service we will get right into the nitty gritty parts of your bike that probably haven’t seen the light of day in months! Stripping down your derailleur and getting your jockey wheels running smooth will be one of many steps taken to get your drivetrain feeling prime again. Your jockey wheels play a big part in keeping your drivetrain running smoothly and correctly, even having a loose or worn jockey wheel can be the result of your drivetrain slipping or just not working correctly at all.

Worn cables can also cause your drivetrain to feel sloppy and worn too. A new gear cable can bring back that snappy and responsiveness of your shifter and make it feel like new. The outer cable also gets a harsh beating, especially on mountain bikes. Our mechanics suggest to replace the outer if its visibly worn or still feels sticky with the new inner cable.

Getting all these parts deep cleaned and seen to can also spot out any damage that could be the cause of your drivetrain not working adequately. This can consequently save you a lot of time in the future if it fails on you out on the trails!

This could also be the only time of year when all your bearings are checked. The most common cause of a creaky bike is a worn our bearing, even having your bearings filled with a fresh bit of grease can make the world of difference! Replacing your bearings instead of re-greasing them are recommended by our mechanics. We check every single bearing in our Premium Service.

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Step 2 – The Extra Bits

As well as getting all the components feeling brand new, we recommend giving your suspension some love as well. Although it’s all sealed up and may feel very plush, all the dirt and grime will still take their toll. Just a simple Lower Leg service on your forks and an Air Can service on your shock can maintain the longevity of your suspension. Follow the servicing timeline guidelines from your suspension manufacturer for optimum performance.

Whilst your bike is getting serviced, you should acquire a few bits to keep your bike running.

Here’s what you should look for:

  • Chain Lube/Chain Cleaner
  • Juice Lubes Fork Juice
  • Bike Cleaner

Spring Accessory Essentials

Heading into Spring, you should definitely start thinking about some key essential accessories.

With your freshly maintained bike and your fresh set of accessories, you’ll be ready to rip Spring and Summer!

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