Spring is on our doorstep, get some fresh new bling for your bike!

We will give you our top picks for the most useful and the most bling products coming into spring!


Although you may not have thought about changing your tyres as the seasons change, it actually does makes a world of difference! Running your Assegai and DHF during winter you’ll be gripping in the worst conditions but coming into spring you might realize that you’re being dropped by your mates on the trails. Having the biggest knobs on your tyres doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be the quickest. When your local trails dry out, your big knobby tyres will start to really cause some drag and slow down your momentum. We suggest having a look at some faster rolling tyres.

Our top picks for Spring tyres:

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Now the trails are drying out, the season of dust will reappear!

Luckily we’ve got you covered with a full range of Melon Optics Trail Glasses and Goggles.

The Kingpin

The Kingpin is Melon’s latest addition to their MTB trail glasses. With a reinforced frame and obviously their great customisation, the Kingpin have really made a mark in the MTB scene.


The goggle that started the Melon MTB revolution! The now classic design looks great, performs great, and offers amazing value.

Featuring our 360-degree venting system which places vents all around the goggle for maximum airflow, as well as a triple-layer face foam with super soft fleece lining that offers superior sweat absorption plus a super plush feel against your skin.

The UV Lexan lenses offer reliable performance and are also compatible with the Parker MTB’s bigger brother The Diablo.

If you want a no-nonsense goggle that does the job and looks great then the Parker MTB is the choice for you.

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When the weather starts to warm up, hydration is a no1 priority. Having a decent water bottle and bottle cage is a necessity, the wrong bottle and cage combo can really affect your ride!



Fidlock are the latest and greatest water bottle cage combo! They use a magnetic clip system that holds the water bottle to your bike, making the traditional bottle cage redundant.

Fidlock took the world by storm a few years back with their Twist bottle, now they’re the go to water bottle cage combo for all Mountain bikers.

The latest addition to the Fidlock MTB range is the optional upgrade to have a different coloured water bottle, making your bottle more custom to you and your bike.

Dynaplug Racer Tubeless Repair Tool

Every now and again, a particuarly vicious bit of flint may punch a hole in your tyre that the sealant can’t fight alone. Enter the Dynaplug. Beneath one cap you’ll find the new Megaplug (3 times the thickness of Dynaplug’s standard plug). It’s a real time saver when you have a large puncture. Have a smaller puncture? Pull off the other cap and our standard plug is ready to go.

This small package is machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum and weighs only 24 grams!

Available in multiple colours, this tool can keep you looking custom and colour coordinated on the trails!


Riding in the warmer months with your heavy black winter clothing isn’t the best option! You should think about some short sleeve jerseys and shorts. Brands will have specific winter and summer clothing variations. The summer range will be a lot more lightweight and breathable whereas the winter range will be heavy and thick.

Take a look at some of our Clothing!


When buying a jersey for Spring/Summer your main concern is breathability. You want to look out for Jerseys that are perforated, this means they have loads of micro-holes all over it allowing for maximum breathability. Having a perforated jersey means it will be a lot more lightweight as well, this will then help overheated and keep you cooled on your ride. We suggest you opt for a short sleeve variation. This will obviously help with breathability and weight.


Shorts are a bit of a different ball game with concern to breathability. Your legs are already exposed so breathability isn’t much of a concern. The main thing to look for is weight and what material they’re made from. Having lightweight shorts allows them to feel more breathable and will allow more flexibility with movement.

We recommend you buy shorts that have zip-up pockets. Getting a great pair of riding shorts without a zip up pocket is a bummer. Not being able to carry essentials in your pockets can make things a lot more stressful when you have to stop and check your bag every time you need something!

Going Tubeless

If you’re still using inner tubes, the Dynaplug recommendation may not have meant too much – maybe now is the time to switch! The benefits of tubeless for off-road riding are universally agreed these days, with extra grip and comfort plus nearly doing away with trailside punctures.

From only £50, we can get you setup tubeless today!

Benefits with converting to tubeless

  • Virtually eliminates punctures
  • More lightweight
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Allows lower running pressures

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Coming into Spring, you’re going to be going faster, higher, and potentially hitting bigger features as more bike parks become open! This calls for some extra or upgraded protection.


Is your helmet a bit worse for wear? Maybe it’s time you get an upgrade. Even if you’ve never had a crash in your current helmet we suggest that you should get it replaced every few years. There will always be new technology and safety requirements being released with helmets so you will always be getting an upgrade. Manufacturers now recommend you replace your helmet after every crash, this may seem a bit much but after extensive research, it has been proven that riding in a crashed helmet is extremely unsafe.

If you have some plans for the Spring/Summer months to go and visit some big bike parks then maybe it’s time to look at a Full Face Helmet. Always follow the bike park’s safety guidelines and if they recommend wearing a big lid then you should. Even if you feel as if it’s overkill. Safety should be your main priority, after having fun of course.


Knee pads are a great option whether you’re riding some tricky trails or not. You don’t have to have a crash to hurt your unprotected knees, sometimes you can find your knees will hit against the frame of your bike and get all bruised. We do suggest that you wear knee pads when riding at bike parks and places where the trails and jumps get bigger and faster. There are all types of different knee pads, from Downhill to lite Trail pads. Downhill pads are a lot more protected and thicker whereas Trail pads are thinner with a bit less protection, making them more breathable.

If you are looking to turn the notch up this summer then another suggestion would be body armor. You can get a full padded syle that covers your shoulders and arms as well as your body or you can get what’s called a “chest plate”, where it only covers your chest and back. Both are great options and are highly recommended when trying stuff out of your comfort zone. It’s always worth taking precautions when visiting places you are not too familiar with.

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New bike!

Maybe it’s time for a brand new bike! You’ve been thinking about that upgrade for a while, maybe now is the time to pull the trigger and make this summer the best one yet. Whether it’s second-hand or brand new, it’s still a new bike to you.

Buying Second hand

Just because your bike is second-hand doesn’t mean it’s not new to you! Buying a pre-loved bike can save you a great amount of money but there are some things to take into consideration before doing so. Not buying from a retailer can raise a few concerns such as; What condition is the bike in? Has the bike been stolen? Are you getting the best price for the bike? Will you still get warranty on the bike?

All these questions can cause some annoying issues and can come back to bite you in the **s! This is why we recommend buying through a known and trusted retailer. A lot of retailers, including us, will have pre-loved/second-hand bikes up for sale. They will be up for sale at a great price but will also come with a great grantee from the retailer.

Buying new

Buying your bike new through your local retailer can guarantee you have purchased the right bike for you. Taking size, budget, and riding style into consideration, a customer consultant at your local bike shop can really help you choose the correct bike. All new bikes will have fresh components so you know they will be in optimal working order. No need for a big service, all ready to go.

What we offer:

At South Downs Bikes we offer a range of exclusive bonuses. First off we offer a complimentary first free tune-up on all new bikes! This consists of a gear tune-up and a general check-up on the bike to make sure it is in optimal working order. If you purchase the bike locally from us, we will hand build and deliver the bike to your doorstep. No box, no hassle, all ready to roll. Purchasing your shiny new bike outright isn’t for everyone, this is why we offer a great selection of Cycle To Work vouchers. As well as this, we provide V12 finance and Klana! We also offer the manufacturers’ warranty on all bikes, components, and accessories.


If a new or new-to-you bike isn’t on the cards, picking up a few colour-matched components is a surefire way to make your existing ride *feel* new.

Adding some fresh new components can revive that loving feeling you have for your bike, and swapping out stock parts for some after-market options will usually save you a bit of weight and bring some performance benefits.

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