This British bike brand needs no introduction – when you think of two-wheeled urban transport, you think Brompton. It’s the ultimate folding bike, easily compacted into the size of a small suitcase, ready for the daily grind.

Up until now, Brompton’s range has been coded based on their handlebar and gear configuration, such as the M6L, S3R or H3L. For 2022, Brompton has taken a new approach with their range, completely overhauling their model lineup and introducing some exciting new features and bikes, catering to a variety of budgets and needs.

Here’s our breakdown of the new A Line, C Line, Electric C Line, P Line and T Line from Brompton in 2022!

A Line:

First in the range is the A Line, the most affordable option from Brompton. If you’re yet to delve into the world of folding bicycles, this is a great introduction – simple but effective, the A Line offers the same functionality that Brompton is known and loved for, without any bells and whistles. 

The A Line consists of one bike, available in gloss white with Brompton’s ever-reliable 3-speed hub gear. Built for year-round riding, the internal gearing is sealed from the elements making it refreshingly low maintenance – ideal for the UK’s temperamental weather conditions. Equipped with their ‘Mid’ riser bar, the A Line puts the rider in a position optimised for comfort to suit everyday riding.

Whilst the A Line doesn’t come equipped with mudguards, rack or a folding pedal, it is still fully compatible with these accessories, giving you the option to add these at a later date.

C Line:

The C Line is the quintessential Brompton, designed for daily riding in the city and beyond. Versatile and built to last, you can rely on this machine for all of your urban riding escapades. Available in 13 unique colours, from Cloud Blue to Fire Coral Orange, finding one that suits your style should be a piece of cake.

Choose from 3 gearing options to suit your needs:

Urban: 2-speed gearing

Ideal for riding in flatter areas, the 2-speed gearing is simple to use thanks to the single trigger. Fewer gears also make the C Line Urban the lightest of the C Line models. This gearing is best thought of as “one gear to set off from the lights, then shift up to cruise”.

Utility: 3-speed gearing

Using Brompton’s internal hub gear, the 3-speed gearing is sealed from the elements making it extremely low-maintenance and offers a surprisingly wide range, taking the sting out of the steepest urban undulations. The ability to shift whilst stationary makes this a winner on stop-start commutes, too.

Explore: 6-speed gearing

Geared up for the hills with the widest overall range, if you like to venture out of the city at the weekend on your Brompton after your mid-week commute then this do-it-all 6-speed setup will take you there. This specification combines the 2-speed derailleur gearing with a wider-range internal hub gear, with two thumb shifters at the bars.

Each can be specced with either low (sportier, more direct ride), mid (comfortable, upright riser) or high (same riser profile, extended for taller riders) bars depending on your preferred riding position.

Fitted as standard with mudguards, front carrier block and folding pedal, the C Line has everything you need to kickstart your commute. Dynamo lighting and battery lighting are available as optional extras and integrate seamlessly with the folding mechanism.

Electric C Line:

As the name suggests, this is everything that the C Line Brompton has to offer with the added benefit of an electric motor, maintaining the same classic aesthetic and urban functionality.

With 3 levels of assistance up to 15.5mph and a range of between 25-50 miles, the Electric C Line gives you the option to head further afield and gets you to the office without breaking a sweat. The detachable battery pack makes charging simple and easy, so you can plug it in wherever and whenever you need it.

The Electric C Line comes equipped with mudguards, a folding pedal, dynamo lighting and of course the detachable battery. 6-speed is the only option available with this model.

P Line:

Replacing the ‘Superlight’ model from the previous lineup, the P Line utilises the same steel and titanium combo that provides a significant weight saving over the C Line (2kg to be precise!). If you’ll need to frequently carry your Brompton up and down flights of stairs or to and from the train, this could be the choice for you. 

The P Line is adorned with brand new components, all contributing to a lighter, durable and efficient setup. The brand new 4-speed gearing system uses a cassette and redesigned derailleur optimised for weight whilst enhancing its ability to fit within the compact fold. New wheels are even lighter and more robust than before, whilst a new seatpost introduces extra functionality – lockable at 2 points it gives you the option to put the post down fully or set it halfway for rolling.

Mudguards come fitted as standard, and you have the option to spec your P Line with low, mid or high handlebars.

T Line:

The T Line is the latest addition to the new lineup – dubbed as their “lightest Brompton ever”, this is their no-holds-barred option.

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the T Line features a full titanium frame with a carbon fork – and sticking with their British heritage, the T Line’s titanium frame is manufactured entirely from their UK-based factory in Sheffield.

Decked out with a range of carbon components like the bars, cranks, and steel-reinforced carbon seatpost, the complete build comes in at an astonishing 7.45kg off the shelf. That’s a whole 2kg lighter than the already-lightweight P Line, and is just as strong.

Available in 2 gearing options, you can choose what best suits your needs (each with the option of a low, mid or high handlebar):

Urban: 4-speed gearing

Using the same redesigned cassette and derailleur system from the P Line, the Urban model offers the functionality of a wider range of gears without compromising on weight. Equipped with mudguards, the T Line Urban is ready for year-round riding.

One: Single-speed

The T Line One is the lightest configuration available, using a single gear setup to further reduce weight and maintain simplicity. If lightweight is your primary concern, it doesn’t get better than the T Line One.

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