In the area and struggling to find some trails to rip?

We can show you our local spot Steyning!

Many staff members here at South Downs Bikes ride Steyning very regularly and have done a lot of trail building up there. Its close to many peoples hearts in the local area.

Local trails!

About Steyning trails

The trails here are great. Some basic skills will be required as the terrain is chalky and technical in places. Everyone is welcome and we see a lot of beginners up there frequently!

This isn’t a “bikepark” but is a sanctioned trail area, the fire roads and paths round the trail network are used frequently used by dog walkers and horse riders so please be very considerate and respect everyone else!

We do recommend checking this place out during spring time (Late March-Early June). Unfortunately as Steyning is mostly made out of chalk, riding in the winter becomes a bit gnarly as it gets quite slippy. The summer, it gets a bit blown out and rubbly so spring is the best time to ride! 

There are two big main signs with all of the information about the trails located at the bottom, coming up from mouse lane and at the top, coming from the south downs way.

As well as this there will be smaller signs located all around the trail network informing people that the area is a designated trail network.

Ranging from blue trails all the way up to black, there is something here for everyone.

Trail Info

Blue trail 

The only blue trail on the hill is “Twister”. This track is ridable on all abilities and all bikes, very hardtail friendly! This trail will include small drops, wooden features, tight corners and some high speed sections! Half way down the trail you can peel off into other lines. These other lines can be a little bit more challenging and technical. This keeps the trail fun and also helps rider progression!

Twister runs all the way down the side of the hill to the main fire road. From here you can either carry on further down the trail which runs along side the fire road down to the bottom of the hill or you can begin your climb back up! (Staff recommend to climb back from there)

Red Trails 

There are multiple red rated trails on the hill. Beginning with “Drop N Roll”. This trail, as the name suggests, has many drops in it. Some sizing up to 4ft. Every drop feature does have a “chicken” line around it. On the other hand, there is one unavoidable gap jump feature. The gap only being about 3ft but very easy and doable”!

This trail can then link back into Twister just before the half way mark or you can continue to the main jump area where you have the option to link into all the other trails. This track is hardtail friendly if you can handle a bit of punch through the pedals.

The next red rated trail on the hill will be “Double Trouble”. This is the main jump line on the hill. This track has gap jumps sizing up to 20ft and a table measuring about 25ft! All gap jumps also have a chicken line with a table jump next to it. You will pick up some serious speed on this trail so we highly recommend checking this trail out before you send it. This has been ridden on a hardtail by a member of staff but a full suspension bike would be quite nice for the big stuff! This trail also has a split off point which leads past the gap jumps and down the other side of the hill into another red trail “Sketchy No1”.

“Sketchy No1” is the next red trail on the hill. This trail is the “tech” trail on the hill. Starting half way down by the main seating area and the yellow bin, this track starts with a few jumps and some rollers and then into a steep chute. With tight and loose corners this trail makes for some really great riding. After the steep chute you’ll be meeted by the main fire road, just before you come on to the fire road there are some wooden fences designed to slow you down as you come onto the fire road. You dont need to come to a complete stop but you wont be able to hoon straight across the fire road. The trail then carries on after the fire road and is named “Camel Humps”, this is the next red trail. You’ll pick up some serious speed so hanging off the back of the bike and on the brakes is the way. You’ll be greeted with a few jumps and some nice turns until the trails comes to an end.

The Bowl

The bowl is the only area on the hill with black rated features.

Starting off with the “Mammoth”  drop. This drop peels off from “Twister” and “Double Trouble” half way down the hill. It is a single feature. It is a sizable drop that drops directly into the steepest part of the bowl, if you go fast enough you can reach up a 20ft drop. Having been made smaller in early 2021, this drop can still give you some daunting hang time.

The next feature is another drop. “Fast Eddies”. This drop is just further round from the “Mammoth” drop and peels off “Sketchy No1”. This drop made entirely out of wood can make you feel like your riding some of the North Shore! This drop is about 6ft so fairly sizable. The drop is on a slope so can feel sketchy but great fun!

The step down hip and the step up! These are the main two features in the bowl and the most recognizable features of Steyning. These features will require a lot of skill and we would advise you watch another rider complete the features before the attempt. These features are not at all roll able and we would strongly advise a full face helmet and full padding.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to the trails would be to push up from the bottom at Mouse Ln. It is a direct push up on a public pathway through a field. When you get to the tree line you will be joined by a fire road. Follow this fire road all the way to the top. Don’t take the first right turn. You will pass the bowl on your way up but to get to the trail head you will have to follow the fire road to the very top of the hill. If lost or confused ask a local rider or you will see a big sign on your way up.

Another way to access the trails would be to come from the top of the hill from the South Downs Way.

There are only 3 main rules:

Helmets MUST be worn, if caught by a member of the trail team without a helmet you will be asked to leave immediately. One crash with someone without a helmet could cause the whole area to be knocked down. Not fair at all for everyone who wants to enjoy to trails.

Do not leave rubbish! There is a main yellow bin located at the main sitting area which is always free to use. There are also multiple bin bags located around the trail network as well so there is no excuse for rubbish to be left. If you have enough room to bring it, you have enough room to take it back.

Do not push/walk up trails. We do recommend checking out the trails before riding them…BUT from the side of the trail. If you’re bombing down you favorite track to come out of a corner into a poor old man walking up the trail its not going to end very well.

Obviously it goes without saying but please respect the trails and if you bump into any of the team up there don’t be shy to say hello!

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