We never like to see a bicycle go to waste. Sometimes though, it just doesn’t make
economic sense to repair a thoroughly worn-out machine when compared with the cost of
picking up something brand new. But – and it’s a big but – that doesn’t mean the end of the
road for your old bike.
Around the country, volunteer-run organisations work tirelessly to rescue these bicycles and
offer them to those who might not otherwise have access to two-wheeled transport. Round
here, that comes in the form of the Durrington Community Cycle Project. This winter, we’re
teaming up with them to take in all the bikes that have seen better days and offer you
a better price on a new one in return. As long as the bicycle in question is still recognisable as
a complete bike, you can drop it off and take up to £400 off the price of a brand new bicycle
on our shop floor.
So, you can win three times over. Not only are you saved the job of getting rid of the old
bike, but it’s going to be given a new lease of life AND you save a bundle of cash.

T’s & C’s:
The savings on offer in return for your donated bike are as follows:

Screenshot 2021-10-05 16.22.45

In order to qualify, the bike you donate does not need to be in a rideable condition but must
include the frame, fork, wheels, stem and handlebars. This offer is only applicable in the
stores, and for bikes that are available from store stock. One bike may be donated per new
bicycle purchase. No e-bikes are included in this scheme.

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