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Welcome to the workshop. We have a friendly, helpful team of Cytech-qualified mechanics who are always happy to discuss your bicycle's servicing needs. We offer a full range of services, so whether your bike is just in need of a bit of TLC, or you're planning a custom bike and wheel build, call us! We would be delighted to help you!

Some of you may have only recently made your first purchase with us, whereas others of you have been customers of ours for a long time. Therefore, some of you will already be aware of the benefits of our workshop services & the after sales support that we provide, whereas others may not have visited the workshop yet.

At South Downs Bikes pride ourselves on supporting our customers throughout the lifetime of their bike ownership. We aim to help you maximise your enjoyment of our fantastic sport and to protect your investment. A key part of this is ensuring that the bicycle is regularly serviced and maintained. A well-serviced bicycle will last longer, run smoother and be exactly what you want it to be at the moments that matter!

Remember - If you live with a 35-mile radius, we can collect your bike from home/workplace, and drop it!

Storrington workshop  01903 745534 

Worthing workshop      01903 244644




Those of you who have recently purchased a bike from us will be aware of the first free service we offer. This should be claimed within the first 6 weeks of ownership. We urge you to use this service in order to iron out any issues associated with the bedding in of any components and cables.

Those of you that have owned your bicycle for months or even years will have varying servicing needs and you may be unsure of how often your bike needs servicing - or even if it needs servicing at all! As a machine, all bicycles are subject to wear and tear and, as such, they require regular servicing and maintenance, particularly in these grimy winter months. The servicing frequency is highly dependent on how much you are using your bicycle, the conditions in which you're riding and the quality of your home maintenance. Notwithstanding these variables, the below-servicing intervals and service types will be suitable for most bicycles and their owners:

It is also worth bearing in mind that every bike's service requirements are different. An expensive mountain or road bicycle will be built with race specification components. As such, the bearings, brakes, and drivetrain will be built with lightweight and speed in mind. As a result, their longevity is going to be vastly reduced over lesser-priced components, which may seem counter-intuitive! Bear this in mind when considering how often to get your bicycle serviced. We often see bicycles that are designed for racing being used more like a Land Rover and the result is usually highly worn parts that may have taken other parts with them as well. If you have a high-performance bicycle, treat it to a high-performance service schedule - preventative maintenance can save A LOT of money!



Will Mathias - Service Technician, Storrington 

Will loves fixing bikes, as a result, he is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced mechanics here, most mornings he can be found riding his bike into work via the South Downs. At work, Will is passionate about well-maintained bikes and LOVES his Land Rover.....and tea!



We are a busy workshop that operates on a booking-in basis. We kindly request that you contact the workshop to arrange a mutually suitable date for the service of your bicycle and to discuss the most suitable service for your needs.  We kindly request that your bicycle is with the workshop by 10am on the day of its service. This allows the workshop a suitable amount of time to assess the bicycle and carry out any necessary work.  The workshop requests that all bicycles be brought in clean and in a state that allows the mechanics to immediately start work on the bicycle. If cleaning is necessary, a £15 surcharge will be added to the standard service charge. If you miss your booking, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fit you in, so please call us to re-schedule, we would be more than happy to see you at a time that is more suitable for you.

Please call us now on 01903 745534 or use the form below to enquire.

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Other Labour charges:

Gear adjust                                                                    £15

Brake adjust/fit pads                                                      £10

Fit gear/brake cable                       

                -External                                                        £10 (plus cable cost)

                -Internal                                                         £20 (plus cable cost)

Hydraulic brake bleed                                                   £25 per brake

                Avid/Formula                                                 £30 per brake

Puncture Repair                                                            £7

                -Hub geared bike                                          £12.50

Fit chain                                                                       £15 (plus new chain)

Fit cassette/freewheel                                                   £15

Fit/service headset                                                        £30

Fit/service Bottom Bracket                                            £30

Fit bar tape/grips                                                            £20

Wheel true                                                                      £20

Fit/glue tubular tyre                                                        £25

Hub service                                                                    £30 per wheel

Replace Transmission parts                                        From £20

Tubeless Tyre conversion                                             £25 per wheel, kit not included

Fit mudguards

                -Clip on                                                          £25

                -Full length                                                     £45

Fit rack                                                                           £20

Wheel builds                                                                  £60 per wheel, Plus parts

Updating Di2                                                                  £40

Transmission clean                                                        £25