Simon McNamara is Body Geometry Fit Certified Level 1, Level 2 Aero fit, and has recently completed his level 3 certification at Specialized USA California, the highest fit qualification in the industry.


Pre-fit interview:

You and a trained BG Fit technician will discuss your cycling goals, experience level, and injury history before diving into your fit. Every BG Fit technician is a highly trained graduate of Specialized Bicycle Components University (SBCU). The BG Fit school curriculum was developed with Dr Andy Pruitt Ed.D. PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, the world’s foremost authority in bicycle fit.

20-Step Assessment:

In order to properly fit your bike to your body, we’ll take you through a 20-step assessment that gauges your flexibility, strength and structure. The exercises identify physical variations like uneven leg length and help the technician determine what adjustments need to be made on the bike to fit your unique biomechanical profile.

Power, comfort and efficiency:

After examining your position and pedal stroke in profile, the technician takes measurements and makes adjustments to cleat position, saddle fore/aft, and leg extension to improve your power, comfort, and efficiency on the bike.

Neutral riding position:

Neutral fit puts you in a more powerful position in the drops and more comfortable position on the hoods. By adjusting handlebar placement, lever positioning, and reach/drop, we can improve your shoulder-knee-hand alignment, which reduces hand numbness and shoulder/back discomfort.

Making every pedal stroke count:

After analysing your position, pedal stroke, and biomechanics from the frontal view, the technician makes adjustments to shoes and stance width to optimize hip-knee-foot alignment. These modifications help you achieve greater comfort and power in the pedals.


We also offer an extension of the standard BG FIT called BG FIT DATA. This program lets you watch yourself pedalling from the front, and side as the technician makes adjustments so you can compare and quantify the results. You get a copy of all your measurements, photos, and videos after the fit.

Follow up:

Your technician will call you after your BG FIT session to answer and questions you may have. If you find that you still need a few small tweaks to attain the perfect fit, your technician will gladly meet with you again.

What will you need?

- Your bike, including pedals (in clean and good working order)
- Your cycling shoes
- Your cycling clothes – ideally shorts, to measure your physiology.
- A small sweat towel, as you will be working hard during the fit.

We have full showering facilities in store for you to use after the fit is completed, so please feel free to bring you shower gel and towel

Contact us now on to book your appointment or call us on 01903 745534 if you have any questions.


Our Studio


Our Body Geometry Fit Technician

We would like you to know the person that will be doing your Body Geometry Fit assessment, so here’s a bit more about Simon McNamara, our fully qualified Body Geometry Fit Technician:

simon mac

Simon started cycling in 1988 at the age of 14 and has been involved in all aspects of the sport.

He has competed in the national championships on the Road, track & Mtb and has represented the South East Centre Of Excellence, Surrey League & Sussex Division.
He has also raced internationally in Belgium, France & Ireland. Cycling is his passion and he has always been fascinated by position on the bike, the connecting components and how this affects performance.

Simon has had various bike related injuries over the years and now fully appreciates how correct fit is vital to getting the most out of your time spent on the bike both in terms of power output & ultimately comfort.




Ian Petherbridge - Grand Vet Mountain Bike Champ.

Recently I had the pleasure to attend a bike fit by Simon at South Downs Bikes; I have been riding for many years but I’ve been interested in having a bike fit to check how I was set up and to get an independent opinion.

What attracted me to South Downs Bikes is knowing Simon’s history and cycling experience and the specially built Bike Fit studio. The day arrived and I took my road bike along to the shop where it was set up perfectly horizontal on a turbo trainer. What came next was great surprise, no stone was left unturned, I was asked about injuries, disabilities, type of riding I do, my goals, and given a comprehensive body check from leg length to joint flexibility. Fortunately for me I turned out to be relatively symmetrical and quite flexible for my age and after much measurement and assessment it was finally time to sit on the bike.

With knowing how my body functions Simon studied how I “looked” as I pedalled away on the turbo asking if I had any issues with my position. After a short period of study and some video slow motion replays of me peddling, the tape measure, spirit level and angle protractor came out. If it can be measured it was, leg angle as you pedal, saddle height, position of saddle to pedals, saddle to handlebars, shoe cleat position etc.
After 3 hours I was set up, bike adjustments complete, new narrower handlebars, and a new saddle to twist my pelvis and insoles in my shoes. Fantastic.

I can’t recommend the bike fit enough, I only needed minor adjustments but its well worth having an expert check you out, you’re never too old to learn. I now have a set of measurement which I have transferred to my other bikes. Thing is I now keep looking at other riders and think “they could benefit from a bike fit”

Since the bike fit I’ve completed over 400 miles, including 5th place in the Brass Monkey 4 hour race and I’m sure I get less fatigue and haven’t noticed the back ache I would typically get on long rides.


Steve Calland - National Squad Member (1996 GB World Road Champs), Former South East Road Champ

I have been riding and racing bikes across all disciplines for 30 years from social up to International level.

I have had a niggling position issue ever since I broke my leg 15 years ago and had thought there was nothing that could be done to rectify it. As I wasn't in any serious discomfort I just accepted it was 'just the way I am' but after a BG bike fit with Simon I was extremely happy to discover that something could be done about it.

Simon talked me through the changes and helped me understand the reasons behind them. My position is now much more stable and powerful and I look forward to many more years of trouble free riding.



Christopher McNamara – Elite road racer + 2011 BCF South East Road Race Champion

"Having a bg bike fit has been a real eye opener for me, I've been racing for years but have never been set up correctly on a bike and thought I had it about right, the fit showed up a leg length discrepancy and a twisted position, after the adjustments, I'm sitting straighter and pedalling with equal strength in both legs.

With the amount of time and effort put into racing and training I would now see this as an essential procedure for getting the most out of your cycling"