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New Specialized MIPS and ANGI Helmets


Throughout history, helmets did one thing—they kept your skull in one piece. And while that’s a very good thing, we knew we could do more. Starting today, our helmets not only protect you during a crash, but they also offer protection before, during, and after a crash. How is that possible? In a word: ANGi.

ANGi is a patented sensor that, when paired with the new Specialized Ride Premium App, turns each new Specialized helmet into a live tracker, crash detector, and safety beacon.

Like the headline says, our helmets call for help.

  • LIVE TRACKER: ANGi lets you share your ride plans before you ride. You can even choose to provide your contacts with a live tracking link, so they can follow your ride in real-time.
  • CRASH DETECTOR: If the ANGi sensor detects a crash during your ride, it can send a text alert to your emergency contacts telling them you may have been in a crash.
  • SAFETY BEACON: In addition to notifying your contacts that you may have crashed, ANGi and the Ride App will send your GPS coordinates to all of the contacts you’ve listed in the Ride App.
  • TIME-BASED SAFETY ALERTS: You need a cell signal in order for ANGi and the Ride App to send text alerts to your contacts. No cell service? In that case, use the time-based safety alert. Just set your estimated ride time before you head out. If you haven’t completed your ride within that timeframe, ANGi will send a notification to your contacts with your last uploaded location.
  • MIPS NOW INTEGRATED IN ALL HELMETS: MIPS is now a part of every Specialized helmet. Why? Because MIPS adds protection. MIPS’ low-friction, inner-layer reduces the twisting forces your brain would otherwise experience during an angled impact.
  • MIPS SL—EXCLUSIVELY SPECIALIZED: We’ve teamed with MIPS to introduce MIPS SL—a new, ultra-light, and supremely comfortable version of MIPS available exclusively on Specialized road and mountain helmets. With MIPS SL, we’ve integrated MIPS technology within the helmet padding itself. MIPS SL debuts on our Ambush, S-Works TT, S-Works Evade II, and S-Works Prevail II helmets.


ANGi comes standard on the following helmets:

  • Road: S-Works Evade II, S-Works Prevail II, and Propero
  • Mountain: Ambush, Ambush Comp, and Dissident
  • Coming in February: Shuffle Youth

All other helmets are ANGi-ready, and feature mounts that easily accept aftermarket ANGi sensors, which will retail for £40.