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  • NEW Women’s Power Saddle with MIMIC Technology

    For as long as there have been saddles women have been having issues with them.  Saddle pressure, numbness, and discomfort in soft tissue as they ride are common issues due to the distribution of pressure when riding. The new Women’s Power with MIMIC has been specifically designed to help women ride pain-free through our patented MIMIC Technology.

    How does it do this? Well, MIMIC is short for Biomimicry. Biomimicry is defined as the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes. In other words, MIMIC is designed to conform to your body in order to relieve pressure and to optimize for comfort.

    Available Now online and in-store.


  • Beginners Bike Maintenance Afternoon | Storrington


    27th Saturday at 2 PM – 4 PM

    There’s nothing better then riding a bike in top condition. New to the world of bikes? Would you like some basic bike maintenance tips? Come along to South Downs Bikes on the 27th October for an afternoon of tips from our trained bike mechanics, we'll even provide tea and cake!
    £25 per person, payable on the day, book in advance in-store or message us on here, you can also e-mail us at for any further questions.

  • A superb insight into our race team courtesy of The Chasers Collective


    Spotlight number 4 is a real treat- anyone who has entered any race in the south has at some point been put into the red by one of the riders in this team. We wanted to get an insight into this team because they have had a dominant season and every rider represents and rides the way TCC love most- riding hard and going for it. You will never see SDB sat in the bunch- there’s always one or more in the break of trying to cause chaos. We love that. It also helps that they are all absolute hitters, so the attacks have plenty of weight behind them- so ignore the surge at your own risk.

    A very clear example of their way of racing was at the second of the Hove Park Crits. I went down to take some pictures and watch some Blazing Saddles boys race in the 2/3 cat race. There was 5 or 6 SDB riders and they absolutely hammered it from the start- tearing the race apart immediately.

    The SouthDowns shops are second to none for service, products and facilities so please do check them out if you’re after great advice, friendly service and people who love bikes.

    A massive thanks to Paul and Stu for the help setting this up.

    Name of team:
    SouthDowns Bikes/Casco Pet race team

    Casco Pet
    SouthDowns Bikes
    Specialized UK
    Reynolds Wheels
    Prosport Distribution provide our kit


    When did the team start?
    Back in 2010. The team has always achieved results but has really gone from strength to strength
    since 2016. When I took over the running of the team I wanted to shake things up a bit and bring in
    some hungry young guys to kick start the team into life. Our older existing guys have been buoyed
    by this and we are now a successful team that can give back a little to our very generous long term

    How many members in the team?
    The team has 10 supported riders but there are more in the wider club set up too.

    Paul Barnard (DS and rider)
    Matthew Bubear (Sponsor and rider)
    Simon McNamara (Road Captain)
    James Bonham
    Stuart Bettis

    Gary Brind
    Steve Calland
    Ollie Fenton
    Charlie Heffernen
    Rich Cartland

    Favourite places to ride? Any particular segments or roads/climbs/descents?
    We tend to do the vast majority of team rides in the winter months before the season starts. We
    therefore tend to head for the rolling roads of the West Sussex/Surrey borders allowing for long
    training rides. We do also enjoy the odd Boxhill run on the better weather days.

    You have been chosen for Spotlight because of your passion for chasing, whether that be results,
    distance, goals or challenges. Can you give a brief insight into the teams cycling attitude and why it is that way?
    Ultimately I want us to be aggressive and take races by the scruff of the neck. If we ride in this way,
    the results will come. The team is always more important than any individual riders ambitions and
    every rider that I sign must buy into that philosophy and a riders personality/character is therefore
    more important than his results when coming into the fold. This means we are good mates and will
    help each other out in races.

    What are the disciplines you race in and where?
    We are predominantly a road race squad but we do have some guys who do TT's and a few do cross
    in the winter as well.

    What categories do you race in?
    We are a cat 2 team that mainly targets regional A and national B level races. We like to test
    ourselves wherever possible though and have had riders at big races such as the Ras in Ireland and
    the Rutland Melton Cicle Classic.

    Do you have team training rides? If so, how do they work?

    As mentioned these tend to be between November to February when the guys aren’t racing. They
    tend to be between 80-100 miles if the weather is decent and will normally involve a cafe stop.

    Do riders train solo to a plan set by the team or is it down to individuals?
    It’s down to individual riders to sort their own training or use a coach to do so. We are lucky to have
    strong links with Trainsharp with a couple of our former riders having worked there and Chris
    McNamara being a regular on our winter rides. Chris has been around the scene for a long time and
    is always on hand with advice and a half wheel 90 miles into a ride 😉

    How do you go about planning tactics for a race? Both before and during
    I give the guys entered for the race my preferred tactics that I want us to follow. We are then very
    flexible on the road depending on how the race is playing out. We are very lucky to have guys like Si
    McNamara, Rich Cartland and Steve Calland who all have huge race experience at a high level and
    can help me make decisions as a race plays out.

    The past season/year has simply been our best to date. We have won plenty of races from mid week chippers to stage
    races. From February – October we have been getting results across the board.

    What were your goals at the start of the season/year?
    We don’t tend to set too many, the way we ride is more important to me as the team manager and if
    you keep rolling the dice you will get results.

    What are the highlights of the season? There must be quite a few to choose from!
    Having 3 riders in the top ten 10 on GC (including the winner Steve Calland) at the Surrey League
    May 3 day was a huge result for the team. Myself and Ollie Fenton were with Steve in the race
    defining break on the middle stage and realised that with Steve’s finish we had to commit to either
    forcing the others to chase us or keep the pace high on the approach to the finish climb. We
    managed to do both and once there Steve did the rest to smoke the sprint to win the stage and
    ultimately the overall as well. It was just one of those weekends when it all came together perfectly.

    The vets on the team have also just dominated the Masters Tour of Majorca stage race with Si Mac
    winning the over 40’s, getting 2nd overall in the whole race and Gary Brind picking up the points
    jersey too.
    I have also really enjoyed seeing younger guys that I have brought into the fold do well. Charlie
    Hefferenan is one such rider who won several races and really added something to the team. Ollie
    Fenton is another who has made huge progress this season.

    What has been the lowest point?
    The only low points have been crashes. When you race as much as we do, the odd stack now and
    again is a given unfortunately. Stu Bettis in particular has had more than his fair share and it is
    always hard to see someone you care about end up in A&E through something they love doing.

    Have you achieved the goals you set out with?
    I would say so but you always want more. Success breeds success as they say and I won’t let us rest
    on our laurels!

    Other riders or teams who inspire you, whether pro, local or anyone else:
    Quickstep are the benchmark when it comes to how a team ride as a unit but still achieve individual
    ambitions too. They are the best in the business at it and for me are inspiring for any lower level
    riders or team to look up to.
    Closer to home, the already mentioned friend of the team Chris Mac is a true local legend. He’s been
    an elite rider and won national B’s for a long time, he is still doing this now despite being in his 40’s
    and coming up against plenty of 18-23 year olds who are full time bike riders doing 25 hour weeks
    on the bike and little else. Chris has always been competitive against full time riders around a full
    time job and normal life which really shows what you can do through commitment and consistency.

    The future
    It’s difficult to say, being a strong 2nd cat team that can do well at the right national B suits our
    riders who all work fulltime, have families and so on. To progress to the next level requires a lot
    more time and money investment. Elite teams have team cars, staff and young riders that maybe
    looking to make cycling a career. That simply isn’t us, we are essentially a bunch of mates who love
    our hobby and want to do the best we can with it around of busy lives.
    Therefore it will be trying to improve on our results each season and maybe help some of the
    younger individual riders move onto the next level instead.

    What are the teams plans for winter riding and training?
    It will follow our traditional winter set up already mentioned above. These rides are a great laugh
    and are a good workout too. Most importantly though they are where the team camaraderie is
    made and relationships are formed, especially when new riders enter the fold.

    How do you go about choosing new goals for the next season/year?
    As said, we don’t really set too many. We will look to target two or three stage races and then
    continue to look to do well in the Surrey League and South East Road Race League throughout the
    season, getting as many results as we can.

    Who’s got the best bike and why:
    Although there are a few candidates here, Si Mac has to be the answer. He takes a lot of care and
    pride in his bike, always has little bling elements like a gold chain or something added. He also works
    at the shop and will have the Saturday lads cleaning and polishing it for him on a quiet day 😉

    Anything custom/special?

    Bike fits. SDB are an official Retul retailer and offer a brilliant bespoke bike fit. The team riders
    certainly take advantage of this and it is a big help to avoid injuries when you train and race as much
    as we do.

    What gear/nutrition do the team use when racing?
    We don’t have a specific nutrition sponsor at the moment – something I’d like to rectify soon so if
    anyone is reading this that could help please get in touch! We use whatever SDB are stocking
    normally but the guys like a mix of real food/bars/gels depending on the length/intensity/stage of
    the race.

    Quick fire round (Team general consensus!)

    Who’s the winner in a just Southdowns hilly road race?
    In a proper hilly race Rich Cartland, Si Mac, Paul Barnard and James Bonham would duke it out.
    And flat race?
    This would be between Charlie Heffernan and Steve Calland if it came down to a sprint. Matt Bubear
    would round out the podium. Gary Brind, Stu Bettis, Ollie Fenton are the engines in the team for the
    all day break.
    10 or 25 mile TT?
    Si Mac but Stu Bettis can push him close on the right day
    MTB XC?
    Ollie Fenton comes from a MTB background, Steve Calland might push him close though
    Probably Ollie
    Mega Avalanche?

    No idea but it won't be Stu, the worst descender in the team

    Who trains the hardest?
    I have been known to do silly long turbos in the winter so I deserve a mention but as James and
    Steve are pilots they have an incredible amount of time to train!

    Who is always late for rides?
    The boss man, Mr. Bubear, if he shows at all!

    Rider with the most panache:
    James Bonham looks world tour….

    Who has the highest max power?
    Probably Gary Brind but only due to his weight

    Best bike shop:
    Southdowns Bikes obviously!

    Indoor training in the cold and rain or harden up and ride outside?
    It has to be a mixture of the two. We will ride in most conditions but you have to be sensible when
    it’s icy.

    Describe your teams’ riding and cycling style in 4 words:

    Take the race on!


  • Arundel In The South Downs Trail MTB Ride | 18 August 10am


    South Downs Bikes will be leading a 3 hour MTB ride. Meet at Whiteways carpark. Suitable bike and clothing needed, plus drinks/pump/spare tubes/helmet.

    Scenic route, some climbs, can be muddy. Essential to book for this ride so please call us on 01903 745 534 or e-mail us at

  • London to Brighton 2018 | 17 June


    With the annual London to Brighton bike ride fast approaching, now is the idea time to stock up on essentials for your bike and make sure it's in a rideable condition.
    If your bike needs a service / check up call our workshops on 01903 745534 (Storrington) or 01903 244644 (Worthing)

  • Fresh Rubber For Summer!

    Fresh Rubber For Summer!

    The roads are drying up and the trails are starting to run sweet and that can only mean on thing – Summer is round the corner! More riding, more miles, more adventures and more of everything that makes us tick. To help you get your steed primed for what lays ahead we’re offering you a sweet deal on selected tyres in-store.

    Road Tyres

    • S-Works Turbo
    • Roubaix Pro 2Bliss Ready
    • Roubaix Pro


    • Butcher GRID 2Bliss Ready
    • Slaughter GRID 2Bliss Ready
    • Gravel/Adventure Tyres
    • Sawtooth 2Bliss Ready

    Gravel/Adventure Tyres

    • Sawtooth 2Bliss Ready
  • Spring Classics Domination


    World Champion Peter Sagan taking the win at Paris-Roubaix this weekend was the perfect icing on the cake to a Spring Classics season that has seen riders from Specialized supported teams dominate.

    The list of high profile wins is as follows along with equipment used –

    • Le Samyn: Niki Terpstra - Quick-Step Floors (S-Works Tarmac, New S-Works Evade, S-Works 7)
    • E3 Harelbeke: Niki Terpstra - Quick-Step Floors (S-Works Tarmac, New S-Works Evade, S-Works 7)
    • Gent-Wevelgem: Peter Sagan – BORA hansgrohe (S-Works Tarmac, New S-Works Evade, S-Works 7)
    • Dwars door Vlaanderen: Yves Lampaert - Quick-Step Floors (S-Works Tarmac, New S-Works Evade, S-Works 7)
    • De Ronde van Vlaanderen: Niki Terpstra - Quick-Step Floors (S-Works Tarmac, New S-Works Evade, S-Works 7)
    • De Ronde van Vlaanderen: Anna Van der Breggen – Boels Dolmans (S-Works Tarmac, New S-Works Evade, S-Works 7)
    • Scheldeprijs: Fabio Jackobsen - Quick-Step Floors (S-Works Tarmac, New S-Works Evade, S-Works 7)
    • Paris-Roubaix: Peter Sagan - BORA hansgrohe (S-Works Roubaix, New S-Works Evade, S-Works 7)

    The win of Sagan at Roubaix marks the 6th time a Specialized Roubaix has triumphed at the great race and the first marquee win of the latest platform with FutureShock.

    There is good avability of the Roubaix across all specifications. The bike that won Cycling Plus Bike of the Year last year goes from strength to strength! So order now.


  • Eggciting Easter Competition!

    Send us a photo of you and your Easter Egg in whatever location possible. Craziest one gets a £25 South Downs Bikes clothing voucher and the craziest second gets a £15 South Downs Bikes clothing voucher. EVERYBODY else gets a £5 gift voucher just for entering! How eggciting!
    Photos can be emailed to us at, or you can tag us on Twitter or use iMessage on Facebook.


  • Pedal on the Prom Sunday 15 April 2018


    Start and finish on the prom by George V Avenue

    Set off at 10.30 am

    Join us for a leisurely cycle ride along Worthing's beautiful coast. We have a choice of two lengths of the route, a 5 mile, which will turn at Splash Point and a 10 mile which will turn at Widewater Lagoon. We will position water stops on the way and will welcome you back with your very own Pedal on the Prom Medal!

    At the start/finish, we will have the brilliant South Downs Bikes to help you with any mechanical problems as well as an opportunity to test out some of their amazing electric bikes!

    This year we are excited to say that we also have the fantastic Pizza Oven coming along to provide you with a well-earned yummy lunch.

    Entry is £5 for adults and £1 for children under the age of 16.

    Register now by downloading the form HERE, or by calling 01903 528613 or email Please return your forms to Guild Care, Methold House, North Street, Worthing BN11 1DU.

  • The all new Trek Checkpoint 2019, available now!

    Checkpoint is the gravel bike that gives you the versatility and capability you need to tackle everything from epic backwoods adventures to fun-filled commutes and gravel racing pursuits. It's packed with gravel-specific features and off-road capability, and was designed to be set up in a wide variety of configurations depending on what the ride calls for.

    Something for everyone

    However you like to hit the gravel, there's a Checkpoint ready to take the experience to the next level. With multiple carbon and aluminum models, as well as women's-specific options, we'll help you find the right one for you.

    View the range here


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