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  • Emma's trip to Specialized HQ

    One of our sales assistants, Emma Craddock, recently travelled to Specialized HQ for a three day training course. Here is what she says about the experience:

    Recently I was lucky enough to go to Specialized HQ for a Women's only course. The course was attended by ladies from around the country and it was great to be surrounded by other likeminded people who love bikes! We spent day one in the office learning about new products and having a question and answer session. It is always so interesting going up to Specialized as everyone there is so passionate about bikes and what they do, and also full of valuable information. We can also look at all of their products, which is often more than most stores stock due to lack of space, and then have more information to give to our customers on our return to store.


    We then went off to the Green Escape, which is also in Surrey, but out in the middle of nowhere. It is a gorgeous bit of land inbetween farmland that a family have made into a wilderness camping experience. On arrival we were met with a carpet of gorgeous bluebells. There is no electricity on site so this meant not only having no carbon footprint, but also no distractions of computers and phones, so the ability to talk and learn was given 100%. The accommodation is shepherd style and each have a log burner which makes them very cosy. There is a main building with cooking facilities and a communal long table, a small hut with a self-composting loo and one shower!

    Day two was spent discussing the ladies Ruby road bike and Rhyme mountain bike. We got to set up each bike to us individually and have a pedal so we could feel for ourselves the wonderful ride they both gave. Each bike is designed specifically for women, catering for their anatomy and lighter weights.


    On Day three we went back to Specialized HQ to finish what we started on day one, and to have a walk round the showroom and touch base with all the Specialized team. We also had a look at the new Retul bike fitting service that we now do at South Downs Bikes. It is an amazing bit of technology that makes the bike and rider at one.

    Thank you Specialized for an amazing few days, now time to share everything with our teams and customers!

  • Join the Electric Bikes Revolution!

    Electric bikes,  also known as an e-bikes, are essentially power-assisted bikes with different modes enabling you to control how much effort you want to to put in to a ride.  The economy setting gives you a little bit of assistance while full power makes any incline a piece of cake.

    Turbo Levo

    It doesn't matter what your level of ability is. Whether you're a beginner and want some help to get fit, you handle trails like a pro or you're even a city cyclist wanting to arrive at work cool and composed, consider an electric bike!  They're incredibly fun to ride!

    We have a selection to test at our Storrington and Goring stores:  

    Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6 Fattie (M, L)
    Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie (M)
    Trek Powerfly 8 (19.5)

    Our full collection of electric bikes can be found here.
    Ladies, FYI the male models are fine for testing purposes.  

    Give us a call to make an appointment and take one out for a ride.

    Worthing: 01903 244644 (Trek)
    Storrington: 01903 745534 (Specialized)

  • New Funky Sock Range

    We love these funky DeFeet Aireator Socks that we've just added to the site. They come in an awesome range of colours that you can match to your bike and kit or wear them to simply stand out from the crowd.


     Defeet Aireator Tall Socks Sugarskull Turquoise

    Sugarskull Turquoise


    Defeet Hi-Top Socks Jitterbug



    Defeet Aireator Tall Hi Viz Socks Orange/Yellow

    Hi Viz Orange


    Defeet Aireator Craze Socks Black and White

    Craze Black & White


  • Is that Santa on the horizon?


    Whether we like to believe it or not Christmas is coming... In fact there are about 6 weeks until the big day!

    Soon, if you haven't already, you'll be seeing famous TV Sad-verts by John Lewis and other retailers in the market. However at South Downs Bikes we're not going to break your hearts, we're here to help! Which is why we've created a brand new section on our website just for Christmas.

    This section is designed to give you gift ideas for any budding cyclist you may know, albeit friends, family or just a secret Santa gift!


    On this page you'll find many great items in many great price ranges, for example:


    We will be here for you through-out the Christmas period so if you have any questions please give us a call on 01903 745534.

    To ensure that you're getting the right gift at the right size you can now access sizing charts for most of the product on our website.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Don't worry though we've not forgotten about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can expect discounts and savings of up to 15% and quick delivery! As well as the 10% accessories offer that we have running on bikes all year round!

    Did you know that we price match?
    If you look at our prices and think you can find it cheaper somewhere else we would love you to challenge us! Read our terms and conditions here and get a bargain today.

  • Simon McNamara's Top 10 List of Winter Warmers


    They're so good you'll find him wearing them too! Just a little about Simon first, he's is a more of a roadie that an MTB guy so his choice of clothing maybe a little different to that of your own style if you prefer getting muddy and are a little less concerned about being streamlined.

    Endura FS260 Pro SL Thermal Wind Proof Jacket

    "Its great fit, 3 roomy rear pockets, with internal collar and sealed zips make this a jacket that’s very warm and breathable. I would advise that it's suitable from now through to March depending on your baselayer choice.”

    Endura FS260 Pro SL Shell Jacket

    “For those days when the weather just isn't on your side! This is waterproof, breathable and warm, in fact this jacket will get me out on the bike when most will stay indoors.”

    Endura Pro SL Biblongs

    “Great form, fit and cut make these very comfortable for those long winter miles – available with or with out Pad.”

    Endura Trans Rib Base Layer

    “Keeps you warm and most importantly dry, this will wick the seat away from you and through the layers of your outer garment.”

    Endura Freezing Point Over Shoes

    “For those days when the thermometer dips – the combination of fleece lined neoprene will keep your toes warm.”

    Endura FS260 Pro Slick Toe Cover

    “One for the autumn & spring – great to keep the chill from your toes when its not quite cold enough for full overshoes.”

    Endura FS260 Pro Jet Stream

    “A really versatile autumn and winter top, depending on how you layer up this can be great from 12deg – 0 deg.”

    Endura FS260 Glove (not yet available)

    “Great at keeping the fingers warm whilst maintaining dexterity and feel of the bars.”

    Endura Multitube

    “I love these! Really seals the neck area, and can be pulled up over the chin when very cold or used as bandana. Multi-purpose!”

    Endura FS260 Pro Winter Sock

    “Super comfortable and most importantly warm! An essential piece of winter kit.”

    He is just a little obsessed with the Endura FS260 range, if we dare say! It's a great range and we're in the middle of adding this to our site the the moment so bare with us but there are some great prices on the way too!

    Did you know that we price match?

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  • Filming Frog Bikes – Never Work With Children or Animals!


    On Wednesday the 19th of October we took to the rec and woods in Storrington in an attempt to get some footage of Frog Bikes in use! With many food and Beanie Boo bribes later we finally got the footage we hoped for.

    The stars of the show include:

    • Louis on Tadpole

    • Ollie on Frog 48

    • Poppy on Frog 52

    • Aidan on Frog 62

    • Dylan on Frog Track 67

    (Even the mums had to have a go on the Frog Bikes, they're just THAT good!)

    Chris Lanaway was the brains behind the camera and we caught a good 2 hours worth of footage, so we've got plenty to choose from when it comes to showing you all the final product. In fact, I don't think we're the only excited ones when it comes to our little Frog project. The video brought out some real talent; especially little Ollie who played the camera and made our hearts melt with his great poses!


    The day was great fun and the South Downs Team treated themselves to the rest of the left over goodies! Make sure you keep an eye on the SDB YouTube channel for the release of the Frog Video coming soon!

    So why the Frog Project?

    Christmas is fast approaching and we wanted to show you what a great gift a Frog Bike can be!

    They're lightweight, so even your toddler can pick up the bike, great for new learners, come with standard features so you can replace parts anywhere and everywhere, and they're easy to measure up (just use the length of your child's inner leg to determine the size of the bike you'll need). To name a few great examples!

    On the South Downs Bikes website we've got the full Frog Range available for you to choose from and they come in some amazing colours:

    1. Union Jack

    2. Team Sky

    3. Polka dots

    4. Orange

    5. Green

    6. Red

    7. Light blue

    8. Black

    9. Purple


    You can check them out here!

    Did you know that we price match?

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  • The Bontrager XR Team Issue Range


    With the road cyclists slowly laying to rest for the winter months ahead the mountain bikers are still standing strong. In fact we've noticed that here at South Downs Bikes and we've added some new products to our website to help you get ready for the seasonal and terrain change.

    In the 2017 XR range we've got some incredible tread to get you through the muddy trails:

    XR4 (Available January 2017)Your price: £39.99


    The very efficient XR4 Team Issue TLR tyre offers incredible grip in a new and improved tread pattern with 120 TPI casing and no more punctures with the Inner Strength sub-tread protection while getting phenomenal traction with the 62/60 dual-compound rubber.

    XR3 – RRP: £39.99 Your Price: £30.99


    The XR3 Team Issue Tubeless Ready mountain bike tyre is the right choice for high performance over the widest range of trail conditions. An advanced rubber compound and Inner Strength protection make it a great pick for everything from racing to trail riding.

    XR2 – RRP: £39.99 Your Price: £28.99


    Legendary tyre designer Frank Stacy provides another race-proven design with the XR2 Team Issue mountain bike tyre. It's Tubeless Ready for fewer flats, and features a specifically formulated compound for lightweight construction, improved cornering traction and low rolling resistance. At South Downs Bikes we can fit these in store for free!

    XR Mud – RRP: £39.99 Your price: £26.99


    When mud turns to soup, turn to the tubeless ready XR Mud Team Issue mountain bike tyre with a trimmable, mud-shedding tread pattern that digs deep for impressive grip. At South Downs Bikes this is undoubtedly a great tyre for the local terrain in fact it's so good we'll fit it for free!

    These tyres come in a range of sizes too so that they can perfectly fit into any frame:

    • 26” x 2.2

    • 26” x 2.35

    • 27.5” x 2.2

    • 27.5” x 2.35

    • 29” x 2.2

    • 29” x 2.3

    What do we think of the tyres?

    "Having been an avid Mountain biker for most of my life I have, as you’d imagine, tried a fair few tyre combinations and different brands over the years. And in the end I settled for Bontrager tyres, my 29er Cross Country bike is currently set up with the latest XR1 model tyres. With a new directional tread pattern in the centre they roll incredibly fast on the straights but with a block tread on the edge of the tyre you have plenty of grip in the turns allowing you to descend with confidence on any terrain. Weighing in at only 545 grams they are light as well, making them the perfect tyre whether its riding up on the South Downs Way or taking part in your local XC race series." - Oliver Fenton South Downs Bikes Storrington Sales Assistant

    Did you know that we price match?

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  • USE Exposure Strada 800 Front Light Review


    With the evenings drawing in and the realisation that the season is changing, it was time to dust off the winter bike and start getting used to the idea of colder mornings and a commute home in the dark.

    I have used Exposure lights for the last 6 years and have found them to be super reliable, they are not cheap but you do get what you pay for! They are incredibly well built, completely weather proof and feature a CNC machined Aluminium body, super bright LED’s and OLED displays so as to keep you informed of your battery life options.



    For 2017 Exposure have release two specific road / commute front light models, the STRADA 800 and STRADA 1200 (the difference being simply the brightness of the LED).

    This is the first time I have used a road specific front light from exposure having previously used my MTB helmet mounted MK5 Diablo (with a similar lumen count) attached to the handlebars on my road bike, this has worked very well but can be very bright in the eyes of oncoming traffic as I was getting regularly flashed by cars on my commute home in the winter months.

    So after un-boxing and charging the 800 lumen Strada (via USB or mains – both supplied) I fitted the Q/R Bracket to the bars (2 minute job with a 4mm allen key) which provided a really secure platform with a real ease to mount and dismount the light.

    I attached the remote switch which is basically a cable that attaches to the charge port on the light that has a power switch on the other end that you can mount on the tops of your handlebars, this enables you to switch the light on and off and more importantly switch through both the program modes and the brightness setting of your light, making it much more accessible when riding.

    The big feature I was interested in was the optimised wide and flat beam pattern, this differs greatly from the more MTB focused lights I have used in the past where flooding a larger area has been preferable.

    When riding at night the Strada illuminates the road in front incredibly well giving me the confidence to ride lanes such as “spithandle” at the speed that I would normally ride in daylight. I commute on the A283 Steyning Bypass on regular basis so thought this would be a good test of the light in heavy traffic conditions, so far I’ve managed to have great vision of the road ahead & not upset my fellow road users by blinding them with a bright light – Win-Win!


    Another feature that I liked was the “sidelights” – the light body is cut away at the sides allowing the light to be seen from the side, a good bit of extra safety when passing junctions. The run time on the light can be adjusted from 3 hour to 36 hours which should be enough for most users to charge once or twice a week.

    I tended to use the light on Program mode 3 whilst using the remote switch giving me a 3 to 10 hour burn time, this basically gave me a high and low setting – think full beam and dip!

    "The road specific beam pattern is excellent too, offering the user great illumination whilst keeping motorist happy as well."

    The Strada is a great light if, like me, you spend at least 6 months of the year commuting and training in the dark, it is light (183gm to be precise), sleek and very secure on a bike. The display is easy to read and gives you battery information down to the minute of how much run time you have left at the current setting.

    At £224.95 these are not cheap, but quality comes at a price! If you want a light that you can rely upon to get you home in the depths of winter, this is for you and you can check them out at a competitive price here.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01903 745534 or email us at:

  • New Collect and Deliver Service

    We're offering a brand new service to our customers where we will collect your bike, service it or fit any parts you need, and drop it back to you.

    All you pay for is the cost of the bike service or part fitting and the collection and delivery are free of charge.

    This service is available to customers within a 35 mile radius from our Storrington store.

    Contact us on 01903 745534 or to book a service.

  • Guest Review: Clement PDX Tubeless Tyres

    As an avid cyclocross fan, I have been aware of Clement tyres extensive range of cyclocross specific rubber for a while. Common on the US domestic scene, they're largely un heard of in the UK. I have been running the Crusade PDX variant for about a year now, initially their tubed version until recently moving to the updated tubeless version.

    The tubed version has been great although despite some riders success in getting them to go tubeless, for me it just wasn’t the case. Continue reading

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